Friday 7 March 2014

Word of the Week: GIGGLES!

So for my very first "Word of the Week" I had thought it'd be lovely to pick a cute, but meaningful, word that the boy has learned.  Hmm. Apart from many food-related words, his favourite at the moment is "teeth!" (said with exclamation), so maybe not.

No, the thing that really sums him up this week is....


The boy will literally do anything for a laugh.  Sometimes just his own personal amusement, but oftentimes we end up rolling around the floor with him.

To give you an idea, here are a few of his favourite antics:

- a game which involves repeatedly clambering up onto our DVD storage box, and standing up on it.  He giggles in expectation as I come over and wag my finger at him and plonk him back on the ground.  He repeats.  He finds my reprimands increasingly hilarious.  Uncontrollable giggles ensue.

- getting into mummy's wool collection (not sure why, as I don't even knit that regularly, but I own a LOT of wool!) and unravelling a chosen ball.  And not just into a little pile on the floor, but winding it around chairs and tables, the cat, himself... Giggles.

- bath time is normally hilarious.  Last evening he surpassed even himself, by discovering that if he picks up a soaking wet sponge and hurls it at the cat, then funny things happen.  Mad giggles, even from daddy who was collateral damage.  Should point out here that our cat weirdly loves water - so she stuck around for repeated attempts! 

- finally, and this is a tried and tested giggle generator of babies down the ages, we have Hide & Seek / Peek-a-boo... He's always been mad for this and will play it at any opportunity - even being pushed along in his pram, if he's wearing his hooded jacket he will "hide" in the hood until I do my "Where is he? Where could he be??" routine.  But now the games are becoming slightly more elaborate, with actual hiding involving furniture and doors...

There are many more examples, but maybe I'll save them up for another day.  It'll be good to look back and remember these times when he's a surly teenager shut in his room, and barely talks to me, let alone shares a giggle!

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  1. Gorgeous word and photo! How old is he now? My son loves playing peek-a-boo, too - I'd say that and tickle fights elicit the most giggles! Thanks for joining in with #WotW, lovely to have you x

  2. Aww! How funny! Throwing the sponge at the cat made me laugh out loud...hehehe

  3. Thanks ladies! Great to find another fun Linky - I'm all new to this so a brilliant way of discovering new blogs!

    He's 16 months now, and just getting funnier and cheekier by the day - hard when I know I need to tick him off for something! Kx

  4. What a fantastic word! I love it :) Monkey is going through a particularly giggly phase at the mo too and I love it, hope it lasts forever. Tiddler giggles is my favourite sound ever :) xx #wotw

  5. These times will certainly be fantastic memories to cherish in your heart x

  6. Nothing like a game of peek-a-boo to elicit a fit of the giggles! My EJ is particularly partial to going behind the curtains at Grandma's and then running forward with the curtain up on his head! Awesome sound! #WotW

  7. What a lovely word to have for your week! Toddler giggles are just the best :) #WotW

  8. Such a cheeky little grin!

  9. Thanks all! Yes I totally agree, the sound of a baby or toddler belly-laughing is just the best thing ever...