Friday 28 March 2014

The boy gets creative with paint (mummy gets brave enough to buy the boy paint)

Inspired by all the many wonderful parent bloggers out there, who share such creative (and messy!) ideas, I finally took the boy shopping for some arty bits and bobs.

I cheated and first of all bought a ready-made art tub from John Lewis, containing things like scissors and glue and pipecleaners, as well as glitter and buttons and such like.  I realise he is still a little young for this sort of thing, so also bought some plain coloured card and finger paints ("washable", they claimed).

To prepare the kitchen for paintageddon, I dug out my huge Cath Kidston oiled tablecloth (which no longer serves as an actual tablecloth), and stripped the boy down to his vest.  What's the worse that could happen?

Turns out, 17 month old boys can be surprisingly creative with paints... Just not really in a way involving say paper, or painting. 

Cat as paintbrush, perhaps?

Creative use of the bottom shuffle as both painting medium, and canvas.

Then there are all the other surprising uses for paints: eat the paint, touch the paint, throw the paint (Pollock-esque?), cover hand in paint and then run madly towards the soft furnishings... Pretty much do everything with paint other than paint the paint.  

But with fast reactions and quick timing it turns out you can slide that bit of card under whatever mayhem is going on, in order to catch some artwork as a byproduct.  Result!!


  1. Funny! Im sure its fun for him =P #creativechallenge

  2. OMG... kids at these age can indeed show us umpteen uses of paint which we never ever imagines.

    He is having so much of fun!



  3. I know, they have an uncanny ability to run towards soft furnishings with any paint/mud/other dirt on them :)

  4. Love it, reading this find make me smile :))

  5. Lol Paintageddon, love it! Awesome shot of the purple nappy post bum-shuffle painting! haha I am such a wuss, all of our painting is done at the table, I am terrified of the chaos of him running amok with paint, even in the tuff spot! I hope to let him be a bit more free outside at some point! Well done you for being so brave, it looks like he had great fun! Thanks so much for linking with #creativechallenge excellent stuff! xx :)

  6. Thanks all! Yes it was all good fun... That massive tablecloth has come in v handy as a cover-everything play mat!! X

  7. Brilliant! It is amazing what they can manage to do with paint :) #CreativeChallenge