Sunday 16 March 2014

Just one of those slightly smug BBQ posts... :)

Our garden is a 15x15ft courtyard with a few plant pots and a solitary (but I think beautiful) cherry tree.  Big enough for a BBQ though...

So yesterday morning we schlepped out to B&Q to pick up a Weber grill - charcoal, not gas. And one you can buy a pizza oven attachment for if you are that way inclined.  I left the menfolk at home this morning, figuring out how to work it.  Later in the afternoon we had a couple of friends over to road-test it with us.  

The husband had already marinated some juicy lamb chops overnight (a Tayyabs-inspired recipe involving yoghurt and lots of toasted spices).  We also had "freezer surprise" sausages and I knocked out a few halloumi/shallot/mushroom skewers.  I was also on salad and condiment duty.

We ended up with green salad (courgette, cucumber, spring onion, celery), tomato and red onion, and leftover Vietnamese salad from the other day.

After that I could sit back with a glass of cold wine and watch as the husband tackled the fire and meat.  After a few failed attempts to get the charcoal going properly we were off.  The chops were great, as we're the skewers - and even the surprise sausages!

I failed to get any photos, but for pudding I rustled up a childhood favourite - whole bananas, stuffed with mini marshmallows and chocolate chips, wrapped tightly in foil and buried in the embers of the BBQ. Gooey deliciousness!

Let's just hope that this recent spell of fine weather is not our quota for the whole year!

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