Thursday 27 March 2014

A first saunter to the shops - without buggy!!

New shoes for the boy acquired, it seemed like we were ready to step this walking business up a gear... Walking outside.  With no buggy back-up.  

He seemed eager enough - for the first 20 yards until he stopped by the house on the corner and refused to budge.  He had by then figured out the existence of the connecting rein, that annoying hold mummy still had on him.  Boy, he was displeased.  I scooped him under my arm for a block or two, and plonked him back down when we had reached the main road.  Diversion and distraction.  Look! A bus!  A doggy!  A flower!  



POLICE HORSES.  Look!!!!!! 

The daddy of toddler distractions! 

(Afterword: we managed about another hundred yards until the boy was again scooped up and placed in the back carrier.  I'm ambitious, but not completely foolhardy!).

Thanks to Sara at MumTurnedMom for "the prompt": that  was unexpected...


  1. Ha ha.. I love this. :)


  2. Lovely :-) Great when they are so young and starting to walk more. #ThePrompt

  3. Horses! Unexpected =P

    Love your post cuz it reminds me of my son when he is just starting to walk. I am a worry wart and would like panic every so often =P


  4. Love this! It's the joy that kids take in everything, even things that aren't unexpected to us are full of surprise and wonder to them :) Thanks so much for linking to #ThePrompt x

  5. Haha! Reins, mums love 'em kids hate 'em! This brought back so many memories for me :-) #ThePrompt

  6. Thanks all so much for reading and commenting! Yes it was a bit of a mummy challenge - but we will persevere!! :) x