Sunday 9 March 2014

The Husband against the Slow Pork & Pineapple Ketchup

So the husband has been buying a lot of our meat from The East London Steak Company, for the past few years.  They have recently rebranded themselves as Turner & George, but the principles remain: well sourced, quality, freshly packed, interesting cuts of meat delivered to your door for a reasonable price.

They have recently reached 2000 twitter followers and to celebrate offered anyone who ordered some meat during a particular 24 hour period four free beef burgers and brioche buns.  Awesome - we were on the case!  The husband went ahead and ordered one of their package deals based on a particular recipe: a huge leg of pork, some special pork rub, and a recipe card for "mama's slow pork with pineapple ketchup".

[An aside: the burgers on the Friday night  were delicious!

On the Saturday morning, the husband decided to replace the overwhelming smell of beef burgers with an equally overwhelming smell of slow cooked pork.  The boy and he had prepared the pork and had it in the oven by the time I got out of bed at half past nine!

This is what it looked like after an intervening trip to Whole Foods Market (for corn bread and coleslaw) and a sunny walk around Hyde Park:
(We do love a good 'mop sauce' in our household! We watch a lot of Diners, Drive-ins and Dives)

A grand total of ten hours cooking time later, during which time we also prepared the pineapple ketchup, we were ready to serve:

Verdict: satisfying!  The meat was succulent and falling apart, and there was even crackling for those who wanted it.  The husband wasn't completely sure about the pineapple but I loved it.  

Luckily we had company, but we were still left with loads leftover.  Delicious pulled pork brioche buns for lunch today:

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