Wednesday 5 March 2014


Exciting times ahead... Just had confirmation of my venue (and date!) for the very first South London PANDAS support group: Pre and Post Natal Depression Advice and Support.  

I've been getting more and more involved with this fantastic charity over the last few weeks, culminating in becoming Treasurer (argh!) and now starting up a support group for the South London area. Peer support is so important for mums and babies who are struggling through late-stage pregnancy or the post-natal period.  The group is open to anyone, whether they are recovered or in the throes of their illness.  Whether their illness was years ago or still ongoing.  Whether they have suffered the "baby blues" or postpartum psychosis.  Or whether they are just curious to learn more, and come for the free coffee and cake!

The first meeting will really be a gauge of how much interest there is for such a service, and to get a feel for what sorts of sessions would be most beneficial.  I'd like to arrange for interesting guest speakers to give their stories of illness and recovery, and perhaps workshops in techniques such as mindfulness and relaxation.  I'd also like to get some health care professionals involved, in a very informal way, to give extra support where needed.

Above all, I would love for the group to become a safe, welcoming, non-judgmental place for mums and dads to come and give each other support, advice and understanding.  I have seen the great work achieved by the online support forum of Action on Postpartum Psychosis, and PANDAS' own Facebook support page, so I think a "real world" group has the potential to do a lot of good.

The logistics:

First group will take place on:
Tuesday 25 March 2014 at 10.30am
Chandler Community Hall
15 Lambeth Walk
SE11 6DU

There will be teas and coffees, as well as a selection of home baking!
Little ones are obviously very welcome, and there will be a play corner for them to enjoy.  

For more information, please see:

Or email


  1. How exciting!! Good luck! I hope all goes well x

  2. What a great and supportive thing :) Good luck with it all - hope it goes well. Thank you for linking to PoCoLo x

  3. Thanks very much for the good wishes! I'm off putting posters up across children's centres / doctors surgeries etc etc tomorrow so fingers crossed we get an ok turn-out! :)