Wednesday 26 March 2014

I'm going to Brit Mums Live 2014!

Name: Kathryn, sometimes Kat for short. Often just "mummy". 

Blog: Bumps and Grind

Twitter id: katgrant30

Height: 6ft

Hair: Long bob, dark auburny blonde.  Usually in headscarf or hairband!

Eyes: Hazel, but most likely I’ll have my glasses on for the presentations.

Is this your first blogging conference?


Are you attending both days?

Sure, why not?

What are you most looking forward to at BritMums Live 2014?

I love to hear interesting speakers, and the list they have lined up looks amazing. I'm also looking forward to meeting new faces - some I have "met" on twitter, but some completely new!

britmums live goody bags

What are you wearing?

Er... Clothes? Is there a dress code?! *panics*

What do you hope to gain from BritMums Live 2014?

Well, I am very much a novice blogger - so I would love to get some hints, tips, and practical advice.  I'd especially love to learn how to redesign the whole look of my blog, which is still very basic.  

And then there is the hope for general inspiration... Bloggers I love to read, new linkys to try out, ideas for themes and just general creative hotbedding! :)

Looking forward to meeting you!


  1. Hi Kat pleased to meet you. Relax. There's no dress code. My advice is wear something you feel comfortable in. It is really friendly there too.

    1. Good to hear! Getting excited about it all now... X

  2. Lovely intro and picture - I'll look out for you and we can be first timers together!