Wednesday 21 May 2014

101 things for a mum to do when her baby is at crèche

Welcome to a new series on the Blog, where I hope to document for posterity what I have managed to do during the few hours of weekly childcare we have now procured for The Boy.

You won't find any housework going on here.  I need to make the most of this precious time, for body, mind and soul!

Eventually, I hope to use this time to progress my social enterprise cafe plan a little further.  I have to admit I have not found the time to devote to it so far.

But, first things first...

#1. Go for a swim
I had every good intention of a calorie-busting outdoor dip at Brockwell Lido.  A fabulous 1920s lido not far from Brixton.  I'd successfully dropped The Boy at nursery (minimal tears and no leg-clinging today!) and had caught the bus down the road, raring to go.

Sadly, upon arrival, I learned that the pool closes between 1 and 4pm.  Because clearly, when you are running a freezing cold outdoor recreational pool you would want to close during the warmest period of the day.  Clearly. 

Undeterred, I decided instead to head to the definitely-open Brixton Rec.  I'd never been before, despite it being a large community leisure centre with a host of facilities and activities: 2 pools, sauna and steam, gym, hall, soft play, cafe, squash, crèche etc etc.  

I wasn't expecting too much in terms of immaculate changing rooms or spa-style goodies, but the place was clean enough for me (given it was hosting numerous school swimming classes at the time) and had a relaxing Scandinavian sort of design.  

I swam 25 lengths or so of the bigger pool, quietly taking in the view of Brixton rooftops and the railway line.  I quite like the unspoken camaraderie between swimmers sharing the same lap lane.  We quietly acknowledged each other as we sedately breast-stroked by.  I was only slightly splashed by an infectiously enthusiastic group of local school kids who were clearly having a blast.

On my way out, for future reference, I checked out the soft play (fairly extensive, multi-storied affair) and crèche (well-equipped, but I was a little unnerved to see the only two charges strapped into their buggies...).

All in all - well worth my £4.20.  No membership commitment needed, and no hassle.  I will hold judgement on the crèche.

Website for Brixton Rec:

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