Tuesday 27 May 2014

London during half-term

Meanwhile, back in rainy London during half term week...

Most of our regular playgroups and activities aren't on, due to the half term.  But in their place springs up a host of special events laid on by the city's most famous attractions.

First up today was the National Gallery.  The Boy and I arrived (at the education centre entrance) early for a "talk and play" session for 0-5 year olds.  

We were taken to Room 29 by a lady dressed as a 17th century milk maid.  She took the gaggle of toddlers to a special rug laid out in front of Rueben's "Het Steen" landscape.  A huge painting that provided a great backdrop to renditions of "Horsey, Horsey" and "Old MacDonald".

After talking about the characters and animals to be found in the painting, we were all led back through the Gallery to a stay-and-play room - set out with lots of craft materials (based loosely on the painting) and toys.  We enjoyed playing here for a good twenty minutes, before The Boy's all-consuming desire for his packet of PomBears became just too much to handle.  

We did manage to create a little pre Fathers Day picture for daddy, however:

All in all, I would thoroughly recommend the National Gallery's programme of events for 0-5 year olds.  They hold activities on Sundays, as well as during school holidays.  They also run special events for older children and young people.

(Entrance to this event was free of charge to all, on a first-come,first-served basis.)

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  1. That sounds like fun! I love interactive events like this x #LetKidsBeKids

  2. Love these events that are scattered around town, they really are little gems. It's also entertaining when people are dressed as milk maids! London has so much to offer:-) :-)

  3. That is my problem before when its half term, time I really need playgroups they are not there =P

    This is a nice alternative and I wish that we have this here as well =)


  4. Sounds like fun. Events like this are great.
    Thanks for linking #LetKidsBeKids