Wednesday 19 February 2014

About me

I'm a thirty-something Stay at Home Mum to my amazing son (born 2012) and married (since 2011) to my best friend in the world. Lucky, eh!

I moved from rural Scotland to the big smoke (London) about 12 years ago.  I worry about losing my accent, but I'm assured it's still there!  While in London I have been a trainee economist for the UK's central bank, an actual economist for city government, and a management consultant for one of the "Big 4".  I never got on well with the stresses of city work, and battled severe bouts of depression and anxiety throughout my twenties.  Eventually I took some time off from my stressful job and sought proper help (sadly my GP at the time was fairly useless, but I was prescribed a short course of CBT which did teach me a few coping mechanisms).  "Coming out" about my mental health at work was a Big Deal, after a decade of hiding it away and trying to muddle through.

A big change happened shortly after my phased return to work.  A bad meeting prompted me to clear out my desk and quit.  Not the smartest of moves, but one that has worked out so well.  Since then I have volunteered for Battersea Cats and Dogs Home, and worked in my friend's beautiful bakery (I have never scooped so many cupcakes in my life!).   I've also gotten married and we had our first child.  Whew.

Shortly after his birth, I had my second (much more terrifying and life-altering) brush with mental ill health - a serious but thankfully rare complication called postpartum psychosis.  Recovering from this has made me want to do even more to help remove mental health stigma, and raise awareness of mental health issues in general.  It's why I now want to open a cafe with the specific purpose of helping people living with and recovering from mental illness.  Plus my part of town is desperately short of buggy and child friendly hang-outs!

This blog hopefully will document my attempts at becoming a "social entrepreneur".  Sometimes succeeding, often failing.

Watch this space.


  1. Good for you! I look forward to reading more about your journey. I can empathise with you in many ways, keep well x

  2. I'm pleased you started this blog Kat, and have been really enjoying it! Glad i met you on #timetotalk day xx

  3. I love reading your post because you are so honest with what you write and I will continue to read as long as I can =) #pocolo