Monday 6 July 2015

An Ode to London

(Apologies for the dubious rhyming)

Busy, busy, in a hurry
Pounding the pavement,
Checking for messages
Sipping our coffee.

The tube train shudders
We're herded off
Annoyed, late for work,
Electrical fault.

Across London Bridge
Into the City
To our meetings and emails:
Work's nitty gritty.

But something is wrong
Today no one's hustling:
People are pale 
And nervously talking 

Of bombs and terrorists
One, two - maybe more
Screens fill with carnage 
Twisted metal, pain and gore.

The news brings us stories
Of heroes and villains
Those who have saved
And those who have slain us

And through it all
London's united 
In grief, shock and awe
But together determined

"Don't let them win"
The opinion pieces pleaded
So we reclaimed our streets
Our tube, and our buses.

Because London is nothing
If we don't keep it moving
Working, meeting, dancing, dining,
Keeping our lifeblood going.

So remember the dead,
Fight ignorance and hatred
With love, laughter, tolerance:
London's calling, London's sacred.

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