Friday 6 June 2014

From SAHM to WAHM...

What have I done?!?

Only gone and got myself a local editor position at Mumsnet... The UK's most popular parenting website. 


It's all happened so fast.  One minute I was browsing Mumsnet, posting about my next PANDAS support group meeting.  I noticed on the sidebar that they were looking for a new "Local Editor" in my area. The next minute I was emailing in my CV, then a confirmation and partnership agreement! 

It's a self-employed position, building up the content and traffic of one of Mumsnet's local sites: chat, meet-ups, local events and activities.  I will earn money through the advertising revenue I generate for the site (a concept familiar, I'm guessing, to those parent bloggers who have successfully monetized their blogs).

It's an attractive role for me on a number of levels:
- I can finally use some of the business development skills I must have picked up while working at a Big 4 management consultancy 
- I can certainly use all my local mummy contacts and knowledge that I have built up during the last 18 months
- and (lastly but my no means least) I can work flexibly from home, around the needs of The Boy.

It's quite daunting, stepping into this world of online marketing, but I think I'm ready for the challenge.  I've really enjoyed using twitter, and starting this blog, over the last few months - so I see this as the next logical step.  I'm sure it won't be easy: being confident enough to approach businesses, ensuring a good mix of content on the site, networking with as many local parents and groups as possible.  But I really do think it will suit me.

Does anyone have any tips for making a successful transition from SAHM to WAHM?


  1. Well done great news I really love mumsnet. It would be good to be linking advertising to the local events so the content that you are posting is linked in some way. If your not on YouTube I would seriously consider this too exciting times Lucy

  2. Come and join the rest of us merry bunch - see you soon (Norfolk & Suffolk Editor here)

  3. Best of luck! I think it's an amazing opportunity and as you say, ideal for a next step!

    I tried to get a local editorship too but missed out :(

  4. Congratulations Kat! I'm not in the least bit surprised that MN snapped you up with your experience :-) very exciting. Btw we really should meet up and take the kids to Brockwell Park at some point xx

  5. Enjoy your new role! Remember that being ONline for work can be mesmerising, and easy to spend all day every day networking. I keep 4-8pm for family time and try to have 1 day off a week!